Have some free time, love to drive, and want to help Homebound or Disabled Veterans? Become a VetsVan volunteer driver today! We are happy to be flexible with your schedule.

How to Get Started?

See the FAQ section for more information.

What is Needed?

Start Volunteering For VetsVan!

Volunteer Stories

Praise for our Care Cruisers Program

Celebrating our Amazing Volunteers

In Loving Memory of Jenny Kenoyer

Meet Joshua Asbill - Travel Trainee

When I was graduating from high school, I was referred to MOVE for their Travel Training Program. Before participating in Travel Training, I depended on family members for my transportation needs and struggled to independently travel to my appointments.

Meet Mohammed Rashid - Travel Trainee

I was referred to MOVE Travel Training program in 2012 to help me learn the skills to travel independently.

VetsVan FAQ

What will I be doing when I volunteer?
VetsVan Volunteers

As a VetsVan Volunteer, you will be driving homebound and disabled Veterans to their medical appointments.

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Is there a cost to the volunteers?
VetsVan Volunteers

There is no cost to the volunteer.

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How do I sign up?
VetsVan Volunteers

Complete an application for the VetsVan program and do a background security check.

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How long does it take once I apply to begin driving?
VetsVan Volunteers

It takes approximately 3 weeks to complete the application process, orientation, and training before beginning to drive.

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