In Loving Memory of Jenny Kenoyer

In Loving Memory of Jenny Kenoyer:  A pioneer in human service and public transportation in Stanislaus County, Jenny Kenoyer, passed away on November 1, 2023.  Jenny was the Chair of the Board of Directors of MOVE and was instrumental in founding the organization in 2010.  She also led the restructuring in 2017of the human service transportation agency into the nonprofit corporation that is MOVE today.   She was a staunch proponent of services for seniors, disabled persons, and veterans who are the key service recipients of MOVE.  Jenny’s dedication was evident in her spirited leadership of MOVE through many years and many challenges.  While serving as the MOVE Chair and as a member of the Modesto City Council, Jenny also worked with other elected officials in the county to create the Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority.  That new joint powers transit agency was formed in 2021 to unite the services of the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County.  Jenny served as Chair of the Authority Board of Directors until her term expired in 2022. 

Jenny will always be remembered as a transportation leader in Stanislaus County!  Her service will long be cherished by all who knew her.  MOVE is saddened by her passing but honored that she was the organization’s founding pillar!!   God bless her!!!

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