Travel Training

MOVE’s Travel Training program is a free service available to Stanislaus County residents who are interested in learning how to use public transit. Whether you are unfamiliar with riding the bus or new to the community, our team of Travel Trainers will equip you with the skills needed for safe and independent travel. Interested in learning how to ride the bus with your friends? Group training is also available and free of charge.

Am I Eligible?

Any resident of Stanislaus County is eligible for free Travel Training.

How Does It Work?

Your Travel Trainer will show you how to:

  • Plan your trip
  • Understand route maps, stops, and schedules
  • Identify landmarks
  • Get to and from bus stops safely
  • Get on and off the bus safely
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Ride a specific route
  • Transfer to other buses
  • Use a mobility device when riding

How to Get Started?

Click here to download the Referral Form, or give us a call at 209-672-1143.

Apply for Travel Training!

Travel Training FAQ

What are the requirements?
Travel Training

The need or willingness to want to learn how to ride the bus in Stanislaus County. This free service is available to any Stanislaus County resident.

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Is there an age requirement?
Travel Training

The age depends on the transit system you will be riding and their minimum age to ride alone.

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How long will the training take?
Travel Training

The training will depend on each persons ability. The time can vary from one day to one week.

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How do I sign up?
Travel Training

You can complete the on-line referral form or call (209) 672-1143 to schedule your training.

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