PASS Program

The Stanislaus County Fare Assistance subsidy pilot program known as the “PASS Program” supports individuals and community agencies with bus tickets for low-income seniors (60+) and disabled residents (55+). Bus tickets will be distributed by MOVE and partnering agencies. This program is available now!

Who qualifies for the PASS program?

  • Stanislaus County residents
  • Low Income
  • Senior (60+) and/ or disabled (55+)

How do I sign up?

To enroll into this program, please contact us.

This program is co-financed by

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PASS Program FAQ

How many tickets can I receive per year?

This will depend on availability of tickets and determination of needs.

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Do I need to go to the MOVE office to get my tickets?

You can come in and pick them up, or we will mail them to the address you provided on your signed application.

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How quickly will I receive my tickets?

It will take approximately 1 week to complete the eligibility process. Then, we can distribute your tickets.

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